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Would You Dare to Share Your Bed for Profit?

September 12, 2023 Elsa Kurt
The Elsa Kurt Show
Would You Dare to Share Your Bed for Profit?
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Could you imagine curling up for the night next to a stranger? No, we're not talking about a bizarre dating scenario, but a unique income-making idea, born out of the pandemic. Join us on this peculiar journey with Monique Jeremiah, a woman from Queensland, Australia. She has managed to turn her bed into a shared sleeping space, creating an unusual income stream netting her over $600 a month.

This entertaining episode will introduce you to the world of "hot bedding". We examine Monique's story - from it's surprising inception with her ex-boyfriend to the ways she's been able to create a safe environment for her unique business venture. Step into the shoes of individuals brave enough to share their sleeping space and weigh in on this unconventional concept. Would you turn your most private space into a money-making venture or is it a hard no? Prepare to have your personal boundaries and safety notions tested, as we navigate this fascinatingly odd idea. It's a strange, wacky and intriguing tale you won't want to miss!

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Would you rent out half of your bed the other side that you're not sleeping on? This is obviously. If you're a single person, would you rent half of your bed out to a stranger, to someone that you don't know? Well, hey there. So I do what most of you do, what all of us do. I was perusing the news or news feed, I guess is more accurate on my social media and looking for stories and kind of prepping things for the podcast, and I came across something that I couldn't not share with you, and I just want to preface it with. If you're looking for something deep and intellectual right now and, you know, really relevant to what's going on in the world, this is not for you. You might want to just scroll on past this one, but if you want to hear something wacky and weird and just head scratching, then stay and take a listen. So are you ready for it? Good, no, you're not. I was not. So let me start off asking you a question Would you rent out half of your bed the other side that you're not sleeping on? This is obviously. If you're a single person, would you rent half of your bed out to a stranger, to someone that you don't know, and that would mean that they would be literally sleeping beside you in your bed. No hanky-panky, no funny stuff, just sleeping. Would you do it? Well, a woman in, I think she's in Queensland, australia. I can double check that. I'll have to read some of this to you. She says well, first of all, her name is Monique Jeremiah. Yeah, monique Jeremiah. So she rents out half of her bed and she earns more than $600 a month doing that. And yeah, she rents half her bed out to Perfect Strangers. She said she started doing this during the pandemic, which is even more interesting. You think that would be less likely of a time to do something like that, if you were ever going to do something like that. And so here's the thing. Monique is in my opinion. I think she's an attractive woman. Let's see, I have a picture of her for you. There you go. She's an attractive woman. I mean, I'm thinking of risk, I'm thinking of danger, I'm thinking of scary things that you know you're obviously she's vetting these people to some degree. As a matter of fact, I think it says in here the first person that she offered this service to was her ex-boyfriend, and that was kind of how it all started. She basically asked him if he wanted to write out the pandemic with her and you know, completely platonic and renting out the bed or half of the bed to him, and then since then she has rented out half of her bed to other people. Now, it does not in the article, it does not go into how she vets these people if they have to have like a background check or I don't know what she does. It doesn't really explain that in here. By the way, it's in the well, it's in the Daily Mail. I like my fluff sometimes, okay, and after reading all the garbage and the news and the you know politics and all of the other things, you need five minutes of just fluff. Here's our fluff for today, okay, so, but that's the big question. The edit is Queensland, australia. I was just checking as I'm reading this to you, and she came up with a name for this service. She calls it hot bedding. Hot bedding is what it's called and she says if you're gonna do it, you should have a very large bed, so there's lots of space and you should set up the ground rules beforehand. I'm gonna have to say it would be a hard no for me. I can't fathom sharing my sleeping space with a complete stranger, I don't know. She says her prices are going up with inflation, so the cost of living has gone up in Australia quite a bit and her fee is going up. I think she said by like another $160. So what I say was $600, so $760 is gonna be a strange number, but that's okay. So the question is would you rent out half of your bed to a complete stranger to earn some extra money? Tell me in the comments. I already gave you my answer, but just to be clear, it would be no, no.